Natural Vitamin E


Life Extension’s Vitamin E softgels are use only natural Vitamin E for superior absorbtion.

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400 IU, 90 softgels  |  Item Catalog Number: 01863

There was a long-standing debate as to whether natural or synthetic vitamin E is better. For most vitamins, there is no difference between natural and synthetic. With vitamin E, however, the natural form has proven far superior.

Natural vitamin E is distributed through the body much better than the synthetic form.

The reason is that specific carrier proteins in the liver selectively bind to natural vitamin E and transport it through the blood to cells throughout the body. These carrier proteins only recognize a portion of synthetic vitamin E and ignore the remainder.

Japanese researchers gave natural or synthetic vitamin E to young women to measure how much vitamin E actually made it into their blood. It took only 100 mg of natural vitamin E to produce blood levels that required 300 mg of synthetic vitamin E.

Life Extension’s Vitamin E softgels provide only the better utilized natural vitamin E.


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