Whey Protein Isolate (Natural Chocolate Flavor)


Life Extension specially designed whey protein supports healthy immune function, protects against free radical attack, and helps maintain lean muscle mass.

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403 grams (0.89 lb. or 14.22 oz.)  |  Item Catalog Number: 01742

Scientists have known for years that certain biological components of whey protein (including lactoferrin, beta-lactoglobulin, alpha-lactalbumin, glycomacropeptide, and immunoglobulins) have a beneficial impact on the immune system. Life Extension developed a specially designed whey protein, using proprietary production methodology, that has been shown to support healthy immune function, protect against free radical attack, and help maintain lean muscle mass.

Using a low temperature microfiltration technique, it is possible to produce a high-quality, 98% undenatured whey protein isolate that acts as a powerful immune stimulant and retains all the important sub-fractions, such as lactoferrin, a strong antioxidant with immune-stimulating properties.

Typical Amino Acid Profile
(Approximate g per serving):
Alanine1.01 g
Arginine0.35 g
Aspartic Acid1.96 g
Cysteine0.41 g
Glutamic Acid2.68 g
Glycine0.33 g
Histidine0.21 g
Isoleucine1.17 g
Leucine1.75 g
Lysine1.52 g
Methionine0.35 g
Phenylalanine0.50 g
Proline1.09 g
Serine0.82 g
Threonine1.32 g
Tryptophan0.16 g
Tyrosine0.43 g
Valine1.05 g

This supplement should be taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise program. Individual results are not guaranteed and results may vary.


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