Welcome to Gray Zone Fitness!

Gray Zone Fitness is focused on providing fitness, nutrition and weight management information to anyone over 40 years old (anyone at that delightful time of life where we start getting gray; i.e., “Gray Zone Fitness.” Our focus isn’t as much on “getting ripped,” as it is on adopting a lifestyle that includes a commitment to regular exercise and a diet of fresh, whole, unprocessed foods.

Why focus on people that are 40 years old and older? It’s pretty simple, really. I’ve been interested in fitness for most of my life. I fell in love with bicycling when I was a teenager, and met a guy named Tony that trained me with weights when I was around 20. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve seen the effects of not working out on older people, and in particular was struck with a study that I felt compelled to respond to with this site.

Check this out:

This chart is adapted from a 2000 study from the Center for Disease Control, available here. People, we need to do something about this. Exercise is not hard, and when you look at habits of people that are the longest living, it’s obvious that it doesn’t take much exercise to make a real difference.

I hope, with this site, that some people will get motivated to do something to ensure their long term health. As I see it, aging and death are inevitable, but why not adopt a lifestyle that will ensure that you are as physically and mentally fit as you can be? Why not extend your life and keep your mental faculties?

I started Gray Zone Fitness because I believe that fitness should be accessible to everyone. Fitness needs to be demystified, and made accessible. This site is for regular people – people like you and me, who aren’t in perfect shape, don’t have 8% body fat, and aren’t built like supermodels. That means most of us. This site is for you.